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Please Note: OV METAL does not promise to answer or publish everything send to us, and nagging will just make things worse, so let us all be professionals.

» I'm in a band / a promoter, can I send news (and in what language)?

Of course you can send us news – just make sure to include all necessary details, as well as links. We prefer news in English, but you can choose to send them in Hebrew, and we will take care of the translation.

» I have a CD / Demo, can I send it to you via mail to get a review?

Yes! Just send us a message with some info (and your email of course), and we will get back to you with a delivery address. NOTE: We accept CDs that have been out for no more than one year and not representing a split-up band.

» Can I promote an event on the site?

Yes! In case you want your event to be presented in our Event section, send us all the info, including concert fliers / posters and other necessary material.
- If you want to place a banner (we offer a couple of possibilities and locations), we will get back to you via email to discuss all the details.
- We encourage you to support the site by using our logo on the advertising material [ Download Logo ].

» Is it possible to get an interview on the site?

In case you’re in a band, or someone from the metal industry, you can send us a request to get interviewed (telling us why) and we will consider your case.

» I'm an aspiring writer, can I send you a review / report / article?

You can send us any piece you wrote, but we do have a couple of guidelines:
- A review must be about an album that has already been out (legally) for at least 2 months, and not older than one year.
- The pieces can be written either in English and/or Hebrew, and will be published accordingly.
- You must include proper links and graphics material (artwork, photos, etc.), and your full name, of course.

» OV METAL is so cool, can I join your team?

If you would like to write / photograph for us on a regular basis, get in touch and we will discuss things further. We also accept offers from people who don’t live in Israel.

» Can I use your review / photo / etc. on my homepage?

Send us a request with details on what exactly you need and where you want to use it and we will sort it out.

» I found an error / something looks like a giant meatball mess, what to do?

Tell us about the problem, and mention what type of browser you use (example: I use Internet Explorer, version 7).

» If I still want to use email?

You can send a message to: public [at] (replace [at] with @ and stick the words).