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avatar Ofir Messer [ AKA Ashmedai ]

Title: Editor-In-Chief / Webmaster
Forged through fire, chilled with ale, Ofir Messer is a creation of a Metal like no other. Besides being a veteran metal journalist, he takes on the "heavy responsibility" of visiting numerous metal festivals every year, from the smallest to largest, while traveling and womanizing around. Some would say he is insane or that his head needs to decorate a bleeding spear – either way, you should bring an exorcist before you encounter him on the street... Because he is not called Ashmedai for nothing!

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avatar Omer Barzilai [ AKA Eorlingas ]

Title: War Reporter
With a modest beginning as a history nerd, the moment Omer Barzilai grew hair on his chest, he realized that Metal is the answer to his bursting manhood. His strong fondness for Vikings and hairy women led him into Black & Folk Metal and later on to some other tough and evil genres. After Omer became a true Metal warrior and had been a reporter in the name of Metal for a few years , we decided that this qualifies him to be recruited to our ranks - in the hope that we won´t regret it.

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avatar Segev Rom [ AKA Blight ]

Title: Technical Reporter
Segev was once a good boy, but now he slays anyone who tries to sell him junk. Armed with a slick tongue of a potential lawyer and well opinioned mind, he set himself on a mission to filter the slime and fish out the masterpieces of Metal. You'll likely to encounter him at a local gig, so be sure to ask for his signature before you'll have to pay him any legal fees.

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