About The Site

About The Site
OV METAL is the latest and most advanced Israeli webzine that deals with Metal music of all kinds. OV METAL set itself the task to be the home of all metal fans, provide updates in real time about the global metal scene, inform about local upcoming events, bring reports from the field, catch the big moments, provide original interviews and album reviews, and focus on promoting and disseminating our local scene to the Israeli audience, and to new readers abroad.

OV METAL is a bilingual webzine with material in Hebrew and English. With this significant advantage, we also serve that part of our local Metal community which is not that familiar with Hebrew, and of course interested parties outside the country. Thus we are able to expose local artists to foreign readers, who so far had no proper possibility to stay informed about the Israeli Metal scene. Apart from “only” reading about Metal, you might probably want to get the noise straight to your ears – no problem: OV METAL is in league with the powerful radio program “Met Al Metal” [Dying For Metal]! For those who have not heard of it so far: it’s the biggest and longest running radio show in the country that deals exclusively with Metal and is also a source of nonsense interviews, lots of laughs, and kickass music!

OV METAL is currently in advanced testing phase to make some final improvements before the official launch. You can already find a bunch of previously published articles in various categories, but soon you will see regular updates, lots of original material and new sections. We would also love to hear your opinions, if it’s with comments, or via our contact form – we gladly accept suggestions, reviews, recipes, love letters and even naked photos. Make sure you use these tools to reach us! In the meanwhile, go and check the site!

Ofir Messer
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